Willi's Barkery

Hi, I'm Emily, and I live in a little yellow house with my pups, Cucumber and Willow. Willow is my almost 100lb Great Dane/American Standard Poodle puppy, and Cucumber is my 9-year-old - 10lb Shihtzu Yorkie Poo. Needless to say, they have very different food and nutritional needs. Cucumber has a sensitive stomach, and Willow will eat anything and everything in sight but is still a growing pup.

In the past, I had difficulty finding treats that satisfy all of their needs, so I thought, “I love baking; why don’t I give it a try?”. That began my journey into the dog treat world.

I have two ready and willing testers who have tried every successful and failed dog snack. From that information gathering, I’ve been able to select the best of the best based on both nutrition and taste, and now I am sharing those with all of you.

All the snacks I bake are made right here in my kitchen, and I use only fresh and natural ingredients. No additional additives or preservatives.

I know your pup will love the flavor of each snack, and you will love the hand-picked fresh ingredients.

Thanks for shopping at my store and enjoy.

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