Dog Treat Strawberry Shortcake Crunchies Home Baked by Willi's Barkery


Hey there! Have you heard about Willi's Barkery Strawberry Shortcake Crunchies? They are simply fantastic! These mouthwatering treats are lovingly home-baked with the freshest strawberries. They provide that perfect crunch that dogs just can't resist. And the best part? They come in a handy airtight bag to keep them fresh for longer!

You know what's even more adorable? Our taste testers, Willow and Cucumber, are always there to lend a helping paw in our kitchen. They make sure that every batch is paw-some and delicious. Rest assured, your furry friend will be in for a treat!

Each bag of Willi's Barkery Strawberry Shortcake Crunchies weighs 5 oz and comes in assorted sizes. So, whether your pup has a big appetite or prefers smaller bites, we've got you covered!

Give your pup a taste of pure bliss with our Strawberry Shortcake Crunchies. They'll be wagging their tail and begging for more! Grab a bag today and make your furry friend's day extra special!